Monday, June 16, 2008

Indians Fire #4

Morning briefing was the usual blahblah. Wx hotter and drier. RH coming up, but above 2k' still dry. RH in the low teens to single digits low, high teens to mid 20's high; temps mid 90's low, mid 80's high.

Division assignments all say "continue line construction" except for Div. U - "Prep and hold for possible firing"; structure groups - "provide structure protection for firing ops in Coleman Canyon"; and there's a burn group to fire out Coleman Canyon.

New pictures are up.

Air ops:
A/A FW - 166.6875
A/A RW - 130.200
Briefing - 128.475
Helibase Deck - 163.100
Torch Base - 134.875/171.1375

I'm leaving at about 1500 to head home. I'll post everything that I have left when I get back in.

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Kimmer said...

I'm eager to read the rest you refer to posting when you get home.
Great blog idea, by the way.
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