Sunday, August 02, 2015

When Stoopid (tm) and Bureaucracy collide.

If you haven't noticed yet, I post a lot of rants here. It's cathartic for me, and let me get things off my chest that I really can't say on Social Media, or other locations that are tied to my real name. This is going to be one of those rants.

Currently there are thousands of fires for over 100,000 acres burning across the State of California. Equipment gets moved back and forth in order to staff incidents. Sometimes it gets moved from SoCal to NorCal orvice versa, depending on where the fires are burning. Incident Commanders, Operations Chiefs, Planning Chiefs, and Logistics Chiefs all work together to order the right equipment and personnel to be at the right place at the right time. Sometimes they will order equipment before they even get there, because they know the area and the issues they will encounter.

Earlier this week, 10 engines from SoCal were ordered for an incident. They got halfway there, and got turned around because they were the wrong type. They got almost home, and got turned around again to go to a different incident. They made it to that one.

An incoming team to an incident ordered a piece of equipment that they knew that they'd need. It's a very specialized, technical piece of equipment that comes with highly competent and qualified staffing.
Screwup #1: It wasn't in the ordering system.
Screwup #2: It really was in the system, but the ordering point didn't know how to order it.
Screwup #3: Instead of that specialized piece of equipment, because the ordering point didn't understand what was requested, they ordered a piece of equipment that was totally unsuited for the purpose.
Screwup #4: When the previous screwups were realized, they ordered the correct equipment, but by then, the ordering system was overloaded.
Screwup #5: When the system finally got straightened out, the home agency of that piece of equipment was denied, so it didn't go out.

Result: The Team that ordered the piece of equipment doesn't have what they need, and it's making their jobs exponentially more difficult.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cultural Appropriation is dead.

Thank you, Rachael Dolezal.

No longer can the Cultural Appropriation NAZIs on college campuses and in society ever again complain about "Fiesta Night", "Luau Night", "Carnivale" or any other themed events as long as they remain silent on Dolezal. She has fully appropriated another culture by adopting the dress, hairstyles, mannerisms, and identity of a race of which she is not. Yet, the SJWs remain silent, or, if they do speak up, they defend her Cultural Appropriation.

She has carried the charade to the point that she is now even questioning her biology. She is her own "birther", denying that her biological parents, who are listed on her Birth Certificate, may not be her real parents. That's something easily cleared up with a DNA test.

The next time a Frat House has a "Bombay Nights" party, and the SJWs complain, then unless the SJWs denounce the Cultural Appropriation of Africans by Rachael Dolezal, they have nothing to stand on.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

GTFO. Just GTFO. (Part 2)

I've got a real simple solution for everyone who thinks that the US is such an evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted country.


If you don't know what that means, it means "Get the Fuck Out".

I'll even go one step further: I want the government to give you money to GTFO. I want the government to give each and every adult that wants to GTFO $100,000 and their children $4000 per year of age up to age 18 to help them relocate to a country of their choice. The only stipulations are that they completely give up their citizenship, and that they never enter the US ever again. They can go wherever they want with that money and start a new life.

That money is to get them packed up and moved, including all transportation costs to another country. With that money, they should easily be able to purchase or rent housing, and they would have enough money to sustain them while they look for a job. If they plan it right and go to the right country, they may never have to work again, and still have everything they want.

To ensure that they leave, the government will contract with moving companies to move these people, using the same contractors that move military families from base to base. The people leaving will also have their transportation costs paid for by using the government contract rate for flights from the nearest airport to their departure location to the nearest airport to their relocation location. They will get a "draw" of 10% of the money for the family for incidental expenses enroute, and the balance of the money less the moving and transportation expenses after 90 days in their new country.

There can be an agency set up as part of Homeland Security to manage this, maybe as part of CBP/ICE, to manage the people who want to leave.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Reminds me of a song.

"I see a bad moon a-risin'. I see trouble on the way..."

A new YAFULC*is taking shape right next to the college, in between campus and the "student suites" that have already been built. You know those kinds of student housing, where there's 4 bedrooms with 4 private baths, and a common kitchen and living space. But that's not what I'm going to talk about.

The YAFULC's anchor is a 22 screen movie theater. There are 2 huge rooms, and 20 smaller ones. The huge ones seat around 300 people, and the smaller ones seat around 100. That's a potential total of 2600 people in the rooms at any one time, plus all of the people coming and going to and from the next showing of the movies.

Signs are already sprouting up as to the future tenants of the other spots in the YAFULC. One is a local brewpub, one is a well-known ice cream store ("Icy Rock" IYKWIM), and the other is a fishy-named fish taco place. The other slots are currently empty, and waiting for new tenants to "Built-to-suit" the spaces. All-in-all, there's about 2 dozen spots for businesses to come into. Hopefully this won't be another retail hellhole, and will be more a nightlife type of venue.

Now the bad news: There isn't enough parking. Yes, it may look like there's plenty of parking with the huge lot for the "event center" next door, but whenever there's an event, you have to pay to park. Here's what I see happening:

  • People are going to park in the area reserved for the student housing, pissing off the students and the housing management. 
  • People are going to park in the area designated for the event center, and are going to be pissed off when asked to pay. 
  • People going to events are going to park in the free parking for the YAFULC, and are going to piss off the customers of the YAFULC, leading to the above. 
  • People parking in the YAFULC parking, patronizing the YAFULC businesses, are going to be pissed off at getting parking tickets; because the time limit they are going to set isn't going to allow them to have drinks, have dinner, see a movie, and have dessert afterwards, even though that's exactly what the businesses and planners want them to do. 
But wait, there's more!

This property (and the campus housing) is on property wholly under the jurisdiction of the Campus Police. I know you're doing a WTF right now, so let me clear this up: A State University has allowed a developer to build "off-campus, privately managed student housing" and a YAFULC, all on University property. 

It's bad enough that the current generation of college students have no respect for the police; but even though the Campus PD officers are all fully qualified, 100% legit, sworn Law Enforcement Officers as defined by state law; the students have less than zero respect for them. 

I can see that the mix of college students, booze, and campus cops is going to make for some really bad mojo for this YAFULC. 

The only redeeming quality is that it's right off the freeway, in case someone needs to make a quick getaway. 

*YAFULC: Yet Another Fucking Urban Lifestyle Center aka "Big Box with a Strip Mall"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I dislike Aircards.

I have to deal with aircards every day. Some days everything works perfectly, and others just suck. The days that suck are when I can't make the aircards work right, no matter what I try and do. One of those is trying to delete a stored profile on a Sierra Wireless card, especially when the "delete" button is grayed-out.

I did find a hack that works, though. Here we go:

  1. Log in as Administrator.
  2. Create your profile. 
  3. Save your profile (It saves as an encoded XML file)
  4. Delete the C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\3G Watcher\predefined_profile.xml file
  5. Copy your saved profile over to the above folder
  6. Rename it to the above filename. 
  7. Reboot. 

This should leave your single desired profile as the only profile that loads. You can then make any adjustments that you want to finalize the profile. I've tried this with the 340U, and it works.

I'll update as I find more hacks to make the aircards play nice.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

If everything is X, then nothing is X.

The favorite tactic of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) crowd is to call something an inflammatory term if they think there's the remotest connection to it. The prime examples are the use of the term "racist" when expecting non-whites to conform to the societal norms. I read an essay by a teacher in an inner city school whose minority students decried every facet of education as "racist". Sitting down is racist; paying attention is racist; being quiet is racist; schoolwork is racist; homework is racist; Math is racist; English is racist; History is racist; everything is racist. If everything is racist, then nothing is racist. If I treat everyone exactly the same, I'm racist. If I expect everyone to treat me with respect, I'm a racist.

Feminists, especially on college campuses, have taken to calling any kind of intimate contact "rape". From the obvious legal definition (forcible penetration) all the way down to unwanted touching in a non-sexual location (such as the arm or shoulder), including consensual intimacy of all levels, is now being called "rape". One thing fueling this lie is a deeply flawed and easily debunked study that the SJWs have been using since it came out to justify their calling everything "rape culture". It's been used to justify the disposal of due process in cases where males are accused of a sexual assault, and has been used to justify false accusations and expulsions of wholly innocent students.

Now the enviroNAZIs are calling petroleum drilling and hydraulic fracturing "rape". Really? You know all this does is dilute and desensitize people to the term "rape"; and it demeans and insults those who are victims of actual sexual assault.

Just fucking stop. It's time to call things exactly what they are, and not conflate things into what they aren't. It's time to stop using inflammatory language that does nothing but incite hatred and violence against wholly innocent people. It's time to get back to some civility.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

More shit I can't say on FB.

Congratulations, SJWs. You've created a fucked-up world, and now you're going to suffer for it. You wanted to play the "Victim Olympics", but the rest of us are taking our balls and going home.

On campuses, you screamed about "rape culture", and demanded rules and laws that proclaimed guilt before being proven innocent, and you've carried your crusade to the absurd. Now men want nothing to do with women on campus, lest they be branded a "rapist" for life, even though the sex was 100% consensual and 100% Party approved, just because you regretted it the next morning.

When you got called out on your lies and bullshit in the gaming world, you screamed "MISOGYNY" instead of taking your lumps like an adult. You flipped fucking your way into good reviews for shitty games into a witch (with a B) hunt over games that had a lack of PoCLGBTOMGWTFBBQFTW characters. Now, guys don't want to play with you because they don't want to be accused of "Sogginy" for winning legitimately in a game.

When deceptively edited videos come out of "poleece brootality" (sic), with profanity and epithets flowing from the soundtrack like Niagara Falls, and this language isn't being used by the cops; what did you expect to happen? Do you think they're just going to let you stand there and talk shit? No, you're going to get rolled up, just like the rest of the criminals, and you're going to spend a night in the tank. Hopefully you don't have any trouble getting through doorways, especially the car door, and the cell door.

I'm sick of all the politically correct bullshit, and people taking every god damned little thing personally ("microaggressions" are an indication of this). Suck it up, buttercup. Life is a whole lot easier to get through when you don't have a big chip on your shoulder. If you can't do your fucking job, don't whine because you might be part of some protected class, just suck it up and do it like your parents and grandparents did. They were too busy working to make a better life for their own families than to get offended over some little slight.

You SJWs would be better off taking that Ethnic/Gender Studies degree that will make you exactly ZERO DOLLARS out in the real world and shoving it in your ass. What you need to do is go back to school and get a real education in how things work. You bitch about not enough [$gender|$ethnicity] in [$profession], so why don't you lead by example and get out there and do it. If you make a shitty product, don't take it personally, do something to make the product better. If your code sucks, your code sucks. It's not because you're a certain color or gender, it's BECAUSE YOUR CODE SUCKS. FIX THAT SHIT.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Fox?

(A draft post from 4 years ago that I didn't get around to finishing.)

By now, you've heard of the bruhaha going on between Fox News and the Obama Administration. Last Sunday (10/18) the top advisors were sent out to the talking head shows on the "other 3" to whine about how FNC isn't "a real news organization". Well, let's see if they're a "real news organization," shall we?

What does a "RNO" have?
  1. Reporters - CHECK
  2. Anchors - CHECK
  3. News gathering teams around the world - CHECK
  4. Studios in all the major cities - CHECK
  5. A presence on satellite networks - CHECK
  6. A sycophantic attitude, bowing at the feet of The One, getting tingles up their legs when he speaks - NOPE!
Ah, we've found the problem... I think we've also found the reason why FNC is completely PWNING all the other networks combined. You want to know how bad? FNC's Red Eye, a show taped at 7:00p EST in NYC, showing at 3:00AM (THAT'S IN THE MORNING) is wiping the floor with the 6:00am LIVE morning shows on all the other cable news networks. Glenn Beck is creaming his competition at 5pm EST and most of the prime time shows, too. All of the other cable news networks COMBINED are getting creamed by FNC's prime time lineup.

I sure hope that the trend keeps up. The Lefties didn't realize that their drivel fails miserably when Air(head) America went down in flames. America doesn't want the Left's CommieLib propaganda shoved down their throats. Those of us out here in Flyover Country are sick and tired of the big cities telling us what to do. We want our politicians to listen to what we have to say and do what we tell them. When we say "no," we mean "NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!"

Another "What 'X' are you" survey...

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Shit I can't post to FB #1

The Obama Administration is showing that it's run by "niggers". "Niggers" have no thought about the consequences of their actions, and only think about "what's good for me right now." I can go back to the very beginning of Obama's term with examples, but the latest one is his conspicuous absence at the march in Paris against Islamic Terror. Forty other world leaders including Bibi Netanyahu were able to show up for a photo op, but the HNIC (aka Community Organizer in Chief or POTUS) was too busy either campaigning or golfing to go, and he was too busy to send anyone else high up in the administration. Did he have no concept of how bad this would look to the world? This administration is a laughing stock to the rest of the world.
2016 can't come soon enough.