Monday, February 26, 2007

YHGTBSM 2/26/07

The most corrupt Congressman in the House is being appointed to the Homeland Security Committee. Where is the Culture of Corruption now? It certainly isn't on the Republican side. Pelosi should be smacked in the head for this one. She's dumber than a pile of shit (and not much better looking, either) for pulling this stunt. What the hell was she thinking with? Never mind, she probably had her campaign enriched with a little laundered money.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Kentucky Fried Rat

What has long been a joke is now reality...

Scurrying Rats Take Over NYC KFC-Taco Bell Restaurant

So you thought that I was kidding about the headline. I'm so glad that I live on the West Coast, where live insects or live rodents will get you immediately shut down. Wild, live vermin are disgusting, and anywhere that is so dirty for so long that they are attracted to the filth has a long standing problem. It starts with a bad attitude in the store management, which permeates to the hourly staff, and if the district management/franchisee doesn't take care of it immediately, then it can only get worse.

I've worked in the service industry, and everywhere I worked, we had regular inspections by the health department, and a weekly visit from the exterminator who inspected the whole building for infestation, and provided preventative and , if needed, remedial treatment. None of the facilities that I worked at EVER had a problem with an infestation of anything more than ants, which was taken care of less than 24 hours after discovering the problem.

Of course, being from the Left Coast, I have to get my digs in...

New York City is full of nothing but vermin anyway, from 8-legged all the way to the 2-legged kinds.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Traitors should be hung from the highest yardarm.

This time it's a bunch of left-wing traitors from the LA Times revealing as much as they can without actually naming names about several CIA covert agents. These aren't desk-bound ex-debutantes, these are actual covert contract operatives working in the field. Tar and feathers isn't good enough for these bastards. It's time to hang them high.

Original Article (registration required)
LGF Blog article
Nice Doggie's Comments

Friday, February 16, 2007

YHGTBSM 2/16/07

Here's a headline that you won't find here in the US:,,2-2007070779,00.html

Muslim fanatic works on trains

A MUSLIM fanatic who dressed as a suicide bomber at a rally threatening terror attacks has got a job on TRAINS.

Sick Omar Khayam cleans carriages unsupervised for rail giant First Group.

And he has even got keys to onboard electrical cupboards.

Furious train drivers last night claimed the safety of staff and passengers is being put at risk.

One driver added: “It’s an astonishing security breach.

“We cannot believe this man is employed in a job giving him access to locked places on trains where bombs could be hidden and never be found.

“He has keys that could be passed on to others for the electrical cupboards in carriages. It is a risk too far.”

Convicted drugs dealer Khayam, 22, had been filmed dressed as a bomber at the controversial demonstration outside London’s Danish Embassy last year.

He wore a sinister camouflage outfit with a black vest.

Extremists around him — protesting at cartoons of the prophet Mohammed — waved placards supporting the 7/7 London bombings and calling for new UK terror attacks.

Khayam was sent back to prison after officials ruled he had broken the terms of his early release.

He was due to stay behind bars until August 2007 but was AGAIN released early.

He now works nights at First Group’s huge depot in Bedford. When challenged about his job, he said: “So what? I’ve not committed a crime. If there is a concern, that’s what the police are there for. That’s what security services are for.”

First Group runs trains to London from Cambridge, Bedford and Brighton, under the name First Capital Connect.

The scandal comes as 29 suspected terrorists go on trial in Madrid over train bombs that killed 191 rush-hour commuters nearly three years ago.

And just days ago a Muslim man who used the embassy demo to whip up race hate was warned he faces jail. Abdul Saleem, 31, was convicted of stirring up racial hatred. He will be sentenced in April. Last night First Group spokesman Robert Beahan said: “We are subject to UK employment law and carry out all necessary employment checks. The safety of customers and employees is our main priority.”

Here in the US, if you have any kind of criminal record, you can't work in transportation, either with the airlines or with the railroads. And this guy is a drug criminal... Go figure.

Another entertainer doesn't get it

Another moron performer gets into the fray.

Ricky Martin Defends Obscene Gesture

Feb 16, 8:32 AM (ET)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - Ricky Martin, who was a headliner at the 2001 inauguration ball for President George W. Bush, has a message for the American commander in chief about war.

At a recent concert, the 35-year-old singer stuck up his middle finger when he sang the president's name in his song "Asignatura Pendiente," which includes the words, "a photo with Bush." The gesture last Friday prompted cheers from thousands of fans in the San Juan stadium.

On Thursday, the Puerto Rican heartthrob repeated his criticism of the Iraq war and explained his changed position on Bush.

"My convictions of peace and life go beyond any government and political agenda and as long as I have a voice onstage and offstage, I will always condemn war and those who promulgate it," Martin said about his action in an e-mail statement sent to The Associated Press via a spokesman.

Martin, like other artists, has been highly critical of the war in Iraq.

I can see the headlines now: Dixie Chicks and Ricky Martin to tour together. Tour dates in Puerto Rico, Montreal, Habana, Caracas and Teheran. No US dates have been added due to lack of interest.

Toby Keith thrilled by extra open dates at US venues, his performances predicted to sell out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally someone speaks the truth

I've been a fan of Victor Davis Hanson from the moment that I heard him on the radio as a regular guest on one of the local talk shows. It was incredible how he provided so much clarity on the illegal immigration problem that we currently face.

I was recently surfing through his website and found something that he recently wrote that hits the nail on the head.

By closing the borders, the U.S. would stop subsidizing Mexican failure. At present, workers come to America not only because of higher wages, but also on the assumption that their cash income will often be untaxed and augmented by subsidized state health care, housing and education.

Tax evasion and American entitlement help to free up workers' dollars to be sent back to Mexico. In economic terms, that translates to the United States economy subsidizing millions of the unemployed in Mexico through $20 billion annually in cash remittances. This money weakens the incentive of millions in Mexico to seek employment or to demand government reform.
I was incredulous at this thought. It's the culmination of dozens of articles that I've read regarding remittances, the use of government services by illegals, and the problems with the Government of Mexico.

Now, if only Washington DC has the stones to implement such a plan.

Whole article here.

YHGTBSM 2/15/07

I wonder sometimes about how stupid intelligent people can be. I see evidence of it almost every day.

For instance, take some of the laws being proposed right here in California: One law maker wants to completely ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs in the state in favor of compact florescent bulbs. What difference does it make? Not a hell of a lot, considering all of the other 47 states connected to the same power grid are just going to be using those incandescent bulbs. Besides, CFLs are a harsh light, not easy on the eyes. The electronics in the CFLs used to generate the high voltage and frequency used to make the arc inside the lamps make a lot of RF noise. So much that you can hear it on your AM radio.

I really like Nevada's idea regarding their state legislature. They meet for 6 months every 2 years, and the rest of the time the legislators are back home working as they should. When you have people that think their primary job is to make law, they will come up with anything to prove that they are doing their job, no matter how asinine or just flat stupid it might be.

Oh, the title means "You Have Got to be S**ting Me". You can figure it out from there.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I've got to post more.

Well, the silly season has come and gone, and the asshats won with the willing complicity of the left-wing media machine and their lies. No wonder I just skip the alphabet soup and go straight to Fox News Channel without a second thought. I'm a straight white guy, but I KNOW that all you girls find Shepherd Smith to be dreamy.

I've got a new job since my last posting, which is one reason that I don't post that much. Instead of driving mail around, I'm driving kids around, and taking care of mail going between different DCFS offices and the court. I get to peek at some of the filings and it's depressed me a little bit, especially when I see things like "mother tested positive for (insert drug here) at the time of child's birth" or "(parent) in County Jail for (insert crime here) and (other parent) committed to CDC for (term) for (felony crime)". Some of the Social Workers and SW Aides wondered how I became jaded so quickly, knowing that the mother of this precious child that I've brought in for a visit isn't going to show, since she hasn't shown for the last 3 visits that I brought in in for.

The people that I work around are great, and they understand the hard time the everyone in Family Reunification has. We do a lot of different things as morale boosters, and we all share little goodies that we bring in for lunch and snacks. There's a cake decorating contest between the different units in the building on Valentine's day, with the winning unit getting a pizza lunch paid for by the morale committee.

I've about had it with all of the crap coming from the Left. Between the Open Borders idiots, the anti-gun Nazis, and the anti-war morons, it's a wonder that I haven't gone completely postal. These people have no concept of history, and no independent thought. They regurgitate the pablum that's fed to them by their commie handlers.

I say that we lock the borders down with a big-assed wall, round up every illegal alien, no matter where they're from or what color they are and ship them back from whence they came. Our lettuce won't cost $3/head, and Americans will have real jobs at real wages. Quality and safety will skyrocket, overall costs of living will go down, because we won't be paying for the leeches bleeding the welfare system dry, or forcing the rest of us to pay for their healthcare at the emergency room. No more "press 1 for English, oprima el 2 para Espanol" crap; if you can't speak English, LEARN!

Maybe we'll get a president in 2008 with a spine that will examine all of the thousands of gun laws and will actually get rid of many of them. One can hope, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm already planning on moving to the free state of Arizona from the People's Republic of Kalifornia. I've had it with all the stupid laws and regulations that keep me from buying something that is legal to buy and own in the 49 other states of the US.

Now to the war. It's starting to look like Vietnam already, with the politicians starting to micromanage the troops. We need to let the generals on the ground order up as many troops as they need, as many supplies, humvees, trucks, and guns as they need to WIN THE FUCKING WAR. They need to lock down the borders there, too, to keep the Iranians and Syrians from bringing the guns, bombs, RPGs and IEDs in to attack our troops.

The rules of engagement should be simple: If they aren't US military, US Civilian contractors, Iraqi police, or Iraqi military, and they have a gun out on the streets, they're fair game. Iraq isn't a stable place, and there you can't tell the bad guys from the good guys like you can in the US. Here, if you look like a gang-banger, and you have a gun, you're the bad guy. If you look like a normal clean-cut person, you're NOT the bad guy.

Either way, you should be able to have as many guns as you want in your house for self defense. Once you step outside, you'd better look like one of the good guys, or you're gonna get arrested or dead.

Some of you might say "well, why don't you go over there and do something?" Well, I have my application in at several different contractors specifically to go to the ME and help with the reconstruction efforts. I'm just waiting for them to call me. They have my number.