Friday, February 23, 2007

Kentucky Fried Rat

What has long been a joke is now reality...

Scurrying Rats Take Over NYC KFC-Taco Bell Restaurant

So you thought that I was kidding about the headline. I'm so glad that I live on the West Coast, where live insects or live rodents will get you immediately shut down. Wild, live vermin are disgusting, and anywhere that is so dirty for so long that they are attracted to the filth has a long standing problem. It starts with a bad attitude in the store management, which permeates to the hourly staff, and if the district management/franchisee doesn't take care of it immediately, then it can only get worse.

I've worked in the service industry, and everywhere I worked, we had regular inspections by the health department, and a weekly visit from the exterminator who inspected the whole building for infestation, and provided preventative and , if needed, remedial treatment. None of the facilities that I worked at EVER had a problem with an infestation of anything more than ants, which was taken care of less than 24 hours after discovering the problem.

Of course, being from the Left Coast, I have to get my digs in...

New York City is full of nothing but vermin anyway, from 8-legged all the way to the 2-legged kinds.

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