Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally someone speaks the truth

I've been a fan of Victor Davis Hanson from the moment that I heard him on the radio as a regular guest on one of the local talk shows. It was incredible how he provided so much clarity on the illegal immigration problem that we currently face.

I was recently surfing through his website and found something that he recently wrote that hits the nail on the head.

By closing the borders, the U.S. would stop subsidizing Mexican failure. At present, workers come to America not only because of higher wages, but also on the assumption that their cash income will often be untaxed and augmented by subsidized state health care, housing and education.

Tax evasion and American entitlement help to free up workers' dollars to be sent back to Mexico. In economic terms, that translates to the United States economy subsidizing millions of the unemployed in Mexico through $20 billion annually in cash remittances. This money weakens the incentive of millions in Mexico to seek employment or to demand government reform.
I was incredulous at this thought. It's the culmination of dozens of articles that I've read regarding remittances, the use of government services by illegals, and the problems with the Government of Mexico.

Now, if only Washington DC has the stones to implement such a plan.

Whole article here.

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