Friday, February 16, 2007

YHGTBSM 2/16/07

Here's a headline that you won't find here in the US:,,2-2007070779,00.html

Muslim fanatic works on trains

A MUSLIM fanatic who dressed as a suicide bomber at a rally threatening terror attacks has got a job on TRAINS.

Sick Omar Khayam cleans carriages unsupervised for rail giant First Group.

And he has even got keys to onboard electrical cupboards.

Furious train drivers last night claimed the safety of staff and passengers is being put at risk.

One driver added: “It’s an astonishing security breach.

“We cannot believe this man is employed in a job giving him access to locked places on trains where bombs could be hidden and never be found.

“He has keys that could be passed on to others for the electrical cupboards in carriages. It is a risk too far.”

Convicted drugs dealer Khayam, 22, had been filmed dressed as a bomber at the controversial demonstration outside London’s Danish Embassy last year.

He wore a sinister camouflage outfit with a black vest.

Extremists around him — protesting at cartoons of the prophet Mohammed — waved placards supporting the 7/7 London bombings and calling for new UK terror attacks.

Khayam was sent back to prison after officials ruled he had broken the terms of his early release.

He was due to stay behind bars until August 2007 but was AGAIN released early.

He now works nights at First Group’s huge depot in Bedford. When challenged about his job, he said: “So what? I’ve not committed a crime. If there is a concern, that’s what the police are there for. That’s what security services are for.”

First Group runs trains to London from Cambridge, Bedford and Brighton, under the name First Capital Connect.

The scandal comes as 29 suspected terrorists go on trial in Madrid over train bombs that killed 191 rush-hour commuters nearly three years ago.

And just days ago a Muslim man who used the embassy demo to whip up race hate was warned he faces jail. Abdul Saleem, 31, was convicted of stirring up racial hatred. He will be sentenced in April. Last night First Group spokesman Robert Beahan said: “We are subject to UK employment law and carry out all necessary employment checks. The safety of customers and employees is our main priority.”

Here in the US, if you have any kind of criminal record, you can't work in transportation, either with the airlines or with the railroads. And this guy is a drug criminal... Go figure.

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