Sunday, August 01, 2010


If you are in this country without the proper documentation, if you entered the country at a location other than an authorized entry point, or if you have overstayed your visa; get the fuck out. You do not belong here. You are breaking the law.

Don't demand equal treatment. Don't demand anything, including a free ride home. The only thing you deserve is to be arrested, fined and deported. You're lucky if you don't get repatriated from 10000 feet at 250 knots.

If you're a criminal alien, whether you've committed the crimes in your home country, or here in the US, be lucky that we don't just dump your carcass in a ditch and charge your family for the bullet.

You want citizenship? Go back to your home country and apply for it. Don't disrespect the millions of people that have come here before you, following the rules.

Don't think that if you drop an anchor baby, you're going to stay. If I had it my way, you, and your little brat would both be deported, no matter his age. Because you're here illegally, there is no citizenship bestowed on your spawn, even if he was born on US soil. If a child born to an American on foreign soil doesn't get citizenship from that foreign country, then you shouldn't get it because your child was born here, either.

If I was elected President, I'd issue the following Executive Order:

A double-layer fence is to be built from the Pacific Ocean in California along the US-Mexico border to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. The Army Corps of Engineers, the Navy Seabees, and the Air Force CE squadrons will all be tasked to complete this wall within 180 days. Once the fence along the Southern border is completed, the same fence shall be built along the northern border from the Pacific Ocean in Washington to Lake Superior in Minnesota, and from the St. Lawrence Seaway in New York to the Atlantic Ocean in Maine. This shall be completed within 18 months after the completion of the Southern Border Fence.

The specifications are to be as follows: Two 12' fences made of chain link fencing topped with 3 coils of razor ribbon, with not less than 3 coils of razor ribbon on the inside face spaced equally apart. This fence shall be supported by 25' long high-tensile steel pipe filled with concrete aggregate, spaced no more than 6' apart. The distance between the fences shall be no less than 25'. Between the fences shall be a concrete-lined trench with a depth no less than 12' and a width no less than 12'. The sides shall have an angle of no more than 30 degrees from vertical.

There shall be a vehicle access gate and ramp every mile on the US side only. Next to every vehicle access gate, there shall be an intercommunications system that shall be monitored by the nearest CBP/ICE communications center in case of emergencies. There shall be a video surveillance system installed to monitor this fence system, with a motion-activated alarm. This motion activation shall be calibrated to a human-sized target, in order to prevent false activation from non-human targets.

All illegal aliens shall have a 90-day grace period to leave the country of their own accord. They will not be prevented from leaving by any law enforcement agent, unless they have committed additional crimes while in the US. They may present themselves at any port of entry for priority processing if they choose to become a US citizen in the future. Any US non-minor citizen that would like to give up their citizenship and leave the US for another country will be given a $50,000 grant to assist with their exit.

After this 90-day race period, any illegal alien found within the United States shall be declared an outlaw, and shall not be afforded any protections of the laws of the United States or any of the several States or the jurisdictions therein. Any US Citizen apprehending an illegal alien shall be given a $10000 reward upon the conviction and deportation of said illegal alien. Any illegal aliens that are found to have committed crimes in the United States are to be sentenced to a minimum of 20 years of hard labor in a Federal Penitentiary in addition to any penalty for the crimes they have committed. Any illegal alien deported after the 90-day period shall not be allowed entry for 10 years from the date of deportation if the alien has committed a crime other than unlawful entry or unlawful presence. If the illegal alien has committed any other crimes, then he shall not be allowed entry into the US for a period no less than 20 years.

Any person, group, entity, or governmental jurisdiction found to be aiding, abetting, providing material support to, harboring, or otherwise providing assistance to illegal aliens, other than assisting the illegal aliens in their self-removal shall be fined no less than $10000 per occurrence. Any government agency found in violation of the above law shall lose all funding from the Federal Government, and shall be ineligible from receiving any funding from the Federal Government for a period of 5 years from the date of adjudication.

Any aliens admitted after the 90-day period must prove that they are self-sufficient, and have total assets of greater than 100 times the annual gross minimum wage income, or cash or cash equivalent of 20 times the gross annual minimum wage; or have a sponsor that meets those requirements. The admitted alien must prove that he is of good moral and physical character. The admitted alien and his directly related family shall not be eligible for any public assistance programs for a period of 10 years from the date of admission. The admitted alien shall not participate in any action against any level of government. The admitted alien shall not become a member of any organized labor union unless that membership is a specific requirement for employment.
If an admitted alien commits a crime during the first 10 years after admission, then he shall be immediately deported after serving his sentence, and shall not be allowed admission again.

Any alien found to have reentered the US during the prohibited period after deportation shall be imprisoned in a federal penitentiary for the remainder of the prohibited period. The alien shall be required to work for the prison industry during this time. Any refusal to work shall add to the imprisonment on a day-for-day basis. At the end of this imprisonment, the alien shall be deported and shall be prohibited from entry for an additional 10 years from the date of deportation.

Pretty damned simple, isn't it? Don't you wish that all laws could be written that simply?