Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cultural Appropriation is dead.

Thank you, Rachael Dolezal.

No longer can the Cultural Appropriation NAZIs on college campuses and in society ever again complain about "Fiesta Night", "Luau Night", "Carnivale" or any other themed events as long as they remain silent on Dolezal. She has fully appropriated another culture by adopting the dress, hairstyles, mannerisms, and identity of a race of which she is not. Yet, the SJWs remain silent, or, if they do speak up, they defend her Cultural Appropriation.

She has carried the charade to the point that she is now even questioning her biology. She is her own "birther", denying that her biological parents, who are listed on her Birth Certificate, may not be her real parents. That's something easily cleared up with a DNA test.

The next time a Frat House has a "Bombay Nights" party, and the SJWs complain, then unless the SJWs denounce the Cultural Appropriation of Africans by Rachael Dolezal, they have nothing to stand on.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

GTFO. Just GTFO. (Part 2)

I've got a real simple solution for everyone who thinks that the US is such an evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted country.


If you don't know what that means, it means "Get the Fuck Out".

I'll even go one step further: I want the government to give you money to GTFO. I want the government to give each and every adult that wants to GTFO $100,000 and their children $4000 per year of age up to age 18 to help them relocate to a country of their choice. The only stipulations are that they completely give up their citizenship, and that they never enter the US ever again. They can go wherever they want with that money and start a new life.

That money is to get them packed up and moved, including all transportation costs to another country. With that money, they should easily be able to purchase or rent housing, and they would have enough money to sustain them while they look for a job. If they plan it right and go to the right country, they may never have to work again, and still have everything they want.

To ensure that they leave, the government will contract with moving companies to move these people, using the same contractors that move military families from base to base. The people leaving will also have their transportation costs paid for by using the government contract rate for flights from the nearest airport to their departure location to the nearest airport to their relocation location. They will get a "draw" of 10% of the money for the family for incidental expenses enroute, and the balance of the money less the moving and transportation expenses after 90 days in their new country.

There can be an agency set up as part of Homeland Security to manage this, maybe as part of CBP/ICE, to manage the people who want to leave.