Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Fox?

(A draft post from 4 years ago that I didn't get around to finishing.)

By now, you've heard of the bruhaha going on between Fox News and the Obama Administration. Last Sunday (10/18) the top advisors were sent out to the talking head shows on the "other 3" to whine about how FNC isn't "a real news organization". Well, let's see if they're a "real news organization," shall we?

What does a "RNO" have?
  1. Reporters - CHECK
  2. Anchors - CHECK
  3. News gathering teams around the world - CHECK
  4. Studios in all the major cities - CHECK
  5. A presence on satellite networks - CHECK
  6. A sycophantic attitude, bowing at the feet of The One, getting tingles up their legs when he speaks - NOPE!
Ah, we've found the problem... I think we've also found the reason why FNC is completely PWNING all the other networks combined. You want to know how bad? FNC's Red Eye, a show taped at 7:00p EST in NYC, showing at 3:00AM (THAT'S IN THE MORNING) is wiping the floor with the 6:00am LIVE morning shows on all the other cable news networks. Glenn Beck is creaming his competition at 5pm EST and most of the prime time shows, too. All of the other cable news networks COMBINED are getting creamed by FNC's prime time lineup.

I sure hope that the trend keeps up. The Lefties didn't realize that their drivel fails miserably when Air(head) America went down in flames. America doesn't want the Left's CommieLib propaganda shoved down their throats. Those of us out here in Flyover Country are sick and tired of the big cities telling us what to do. We want our politicians to listen to what we have to say and do what we tell them. When we say "no," we mean "NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!"

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Shit I can't post to FB #1

The Obama Administration is showing that it's run by "niggers". "Niggers" have no thought about the consequences of their actions, and only think about "what's good for me right now." I can go back to the very beginning of Obama's term with examples, but the latest one is his conspicuous absence at the march in Paris against Islamic Terror. Forty other world leaders including Bibi Netanyahu were able to show up for a photo op, but the HNIC (aka Community Organizer in Chief or POTUS) was too busy either campaigning or golfing to go, and he was too busy to send anyone else high up in the administration. Did he have no concept of how bad this would look to the world? This administration is a laughing stock to the rest of the world.
2016 can't come soon enough.