Wednesday, April 01, 2015

If everything is X, then nothing is X.

The favorite tactic of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) crowd is to call something an inflammatory term if they think there's the remotest connection to it. The prime examples are the use of the term "racist" when expecting non-whites to conform to the societal norms. I read an essay by a teacher in an inner city school whose minority students decried every facet of education as "racist". Sitting down is racist; paying attention is racist; being quiet is racist; schoolwork is racist; homework is racist; Math is racist; English is racist; History is racist; everything is racist. If everything is racist, then nothing is racist. If I treat everyone exactly the same, I'm racist. If I expect everyone to treat me with respect, I'm a racist.

Feminists, especially on college campuses, have taken to calling any kind of intimate contact "rape". From the obvious legal definition (forcible penetration) all the way down to unwanted touching in a non-sexual location (such as the arm or shoulder), including consensual intimacy of all levels, is now being called "rape". One thing fueling this lie is a deeply flawed and easily debunked study that the SJWs have been using since it came out to justify their calling everything "rape culture". It's been used to justify the disposal of due process in cases where males are accused of a sexual assault, and has been used to justify false accusations and expulsions of wholly innocent students.

Now the enviroNAZIs are calling petroleum drilling and hydraulic fracturing "rape". Really? You know all this does is dilute and desensitize people to the term "rape"; and it demeans and insults those who are victims of actual sexual assault.

Just fucking stop. It's time to call things exactly what they are, and not conflate things into what they aren't. It's time to stop using inflammatory language that does nothing but incite hatred and violence against wholly innocent people. It's time to get back to some civility.

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