Sunday, March 08, 2015

More shit I can't say on FB.

Congratulations, SJWs. You've created a fucked-up world, and now you're going to suffer for it. You wanted to play the "Victim Olympics", but the rest of us are taking our balls and going home.

On campuses, you screamed about "rape culture", and demanded rules and laws that proclaimed guilt before being proven innocent, and you've carried your crusade to the absurd. Now men want nothing to do with women on campus, lest they be branded a "rapist" for life, even though the sex was 100% consensual and 100% Party approved, just because you regretted it the next morning.

When you got called out on your lies and bullshit in the gaming world, you screamed "MISOGYNY" instead of taking your lumps like an adult. You flipped fucking your way into good reviews for shitty games into a witch (with a B) hunt over games that had a lack of PoCLGBTOMGWTFBBQFTW characters. Now, guys don't want to play with you because they don't want to be accused of "Sogginy" for winning legitimately in a game.

When deceptively edited videos come out of "poleece brootality" (sic), with profanity and epithets flowing from the soundtrack like Niagara Falls, and this language isn't being used by the cops; what did you expect to happen? Do you think they're just going to let you stand there and talk shit? No, you're going to get rolled up, just like the rest of the criminals, and you're going to spend a night in the tank. Hopefully you don't have any trouble getting through doorways, especially the car door, and the cell door.

I'm sick of all the politically correct bullshit, and people taking every god damned little thing personally ("microaggressions" are an indication of this). Suck it up, buttercup. Life is a whole lot easier to get through when you don't have a big chip on your shoulder. If you can't do your fucking job, don't whine because you might be part of some protected class, just suck it up and do it like your parents and grandparents did. They were too busy working to make a better life for their own families than to get offended over some little slight.

You SJWs would be better off taking that Ethnic/Gender Studies degree that will make you exactly ZERO DOLLARS out in the real world and shoving it in your ass. What you need to do is go back to school and get a real education in how things work. You bitch about not enough [$gender|$ethnicity] in [$profession], so why don't you lead by example and get out there and do it. If you make a shitty product, don't take it personally, do something to make the product better. If your code sucks, your code sucks. It's not because you're a certain color or gender, it's BECAUSE YOUR CODE SUCKS. FIX THAT SHIT.

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