Sunday, June 15, 2008

Indians Fire #2

Morning Briefing was the usual BS. Apparently the plan is to control the fire long enough to put completed line in on the east side of the fire from Milpitas Road to Arroyo Seco Road along Reliz Canyon and Vaqueros Creek just outside the Wilderness boundary. Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) are being required inside the Wilderness, but outside, it's all SRA, and the 12' wide McCleods are having a free-for-all. There's a map showing the last time that there was a fire, and some of the areas in the Wilderness haven't burned for 90-100 years. The IC wants the line put in by tomorrow, and made a comment about a "fire show" which leads me to believe that they're going to draw a line around the wilderness and fire it all out. They'll probably do this at night to make it a low(ish) intensity fire, but it'll burn into the next day.

I've got an album of pictures that I'm uploading as I go along, so check back regularly to see what I've added. Click here for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Dat's nice. Where's my {ahem} our trailer? And the USFS Comm Unit? And AC Clary? Hey, could you post your album on our RCU List in Yahoo? Nice stuff Smokey!!

Kimmer said...

Wonder if the damage to the land by the dozers will end up being greater than just letting the darned fire burn and simply do structure protection but what do I know, eh?

I remember reading comments by some mid-level fire manager who was on the Kirk Complex in 1999 and he felt the dozers were doing way more harm than the fire itself which in that case was a lightning jobber like the Basin Complex whereas I realize the Indians Fire was started by human carelessness.