Sunday, June 15, 2008

Indians Fire #3

PM Briefing: Burnout tomorrow if the line gets completed. Wx getting cooler with a little better RH/Fuel Moisture recovery at lower elevations, but above 2000', it's still going to be hot and dry. The marine layer will come in, but that's part of an inversion, and we all know that above the inversion, it's warm and dry.

Freqs: NIFC Command 1 and 2; NIFC Tacs 2-7; R5 Tac 5; A/G:167.95

Found out during the day that the repeater on Comm 60 was programmed wrong. The right channels are there, but #1 is still the old (now wrong) channel, and the PL tones weren't programmed right - encode only, which does no good - and only a single PL instead of being selectable.

Vehicle and foot traffic over the phone line between the trailer mall and the SitStat tent broke one of the pairs. One down and 3 to go.

The data feed is working great, which is why I'm lucky enough to post here.

Camera battery went dead, so it's on the charger for now. I'm going to get one that takes AA batteries so I can BBS (beg, borrow, steal) them from Supply/Comm/etc.

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