Saturday, June 14, 2008

Indians Fire #1

Okay, I arrived here about 2100, after winding my way around on narrow bumpy paved roads, and a dirt track that's barely wide enough to have 2 cars pass, much less 2 trucks.

The official GPS coordinates for where I am right now are 36 03.77'N x 121 18.12W. I'm about 50' from the row of trailers housing the command team.

Found the 3 most important places in camp: Supply, Food, and the T-Shirt vendor.

Took a bunch of pictures of the helibase. FHL is letting the FS use their helipads, which are nice and paved. There's a few ARNG units out here playing, so I wasn't surprised when I saw them firing blanks in a scenario as I was driving in.

I got the quick and dirty from the guy that I'm relieving about what's going on with Comm 60.

Checked in with the OES Comm Support unit that's here, and the Div Chief said that the plan for the fire is basically this: Draw a big line around it with dozers and hand crews, and fire it out. This about the same strategy that they used on the Zaca fire, but this time they're a little more serious.

There's hotshot crews, engines, watertenders, dozers and helitack crews from just about every forest here. There's a load of other agencies here, too: Kern, SBarb, Ventura, and lots of CDF crews and engines. I'll wander around camp tomorrow and get a few pictures. Now, I'm going to see about getting a place to bed down for the night.

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tizalee said...

Thanks for the info on the Indians Fire. My son, J Grant is on the Stanislaus Hotshot crew-so will be reading your blog-Keep us posted-Thanks!!