Friday, March 05, 2010

A quick analysis of the Pentagon Shooter

All the pundits are yakking about this nut, but here's some facts:

Registered Democrat (HT via Michelle Malkin)
Represented by Sam Farr (total Left-wing nutjob) in the House
The Congressional District voted 72.1% for Obummer
Through Gerrymandering is represented in the State Assembly by Jeff Denham, who gets most of his support from Valley farmers, and also happens to be my State Senator (also because of that same Gerrymandering)
His Assembly representative is a total Left-wing nutjob named Anna Caballero, who cares little for the white population of her district, and wants full amnesty for illegal aliens.

Don't let the MSM lie to you. This guy was a completely whacked-out product of our left-wing educational system.

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