Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie title mashups

One time on Saturday Night Live, Dennis Miller made mention of a "new movie" coming out called "Crocodile Gandhi." In a similar vein, Not Necessarily The News (on HBO) once had a teaser for "Superman III, Psycho II." My friends and I here at UNC have come up with some "sequels" of our own, titles that combine the titles of already existing movies. See what you think, and please email us if you come up with some yourself! The list is always growing...

Dirty Dances With Wolves
What About Bob And Carol And Ted And Alice?
Pee-Wee's Big Adventures In Babysitting
Marathon Rain Man
When Dirty Harry Met Sally...
Nightmare On Wall Street
Star Trek II: The Grapes Of The Wrath Of Khan
License To Kill A Mockingbird
The Year Of Johnny Dangerously
Young Naked Guns
The Elephant Man With Two Brains
Peggy Sue Got Married To The Mob
Three Men And Rosemary's Baby
Lambada: The Forbidden Planet
Zorro, The Gay Blade Runner
2001 Dalmatians
Smokey And The Time Bandits
The Creature From The Blue Lagoon
Terminators Of Endearment

...and our favorite...

Godzilla Must Be Crazy!

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