Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Love/Hate relationship with Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the cold, and the snow, and the trees and the lights and decorations and food and, and, and...

I hate Christmas. I hate having to shop for gifts, fighting for a parking space. I hate cleaning the house. I hate trying to figure out what everyone wants for gifts. I hate depleting my bank account to make everyone happy. I hate cooking for everyone. I hate not knowing who is going to show up to exchange gifts.

This year is even worse, because Mom is gone. I thought that it wouldn't be, since we survived through Thanksgiving (that's another Charlie Foxtrot for another post), but it's tough without her. She's the one that got all the decorations out and took care of the house. There's still nothing up at home. Not a lick of decoration to show that it's Christmas. I guess we just don't care all that much.

I did get some stuff for my Girlfriend. I figure that about $125 worth of stuff will keep her from bitching at me too much. I hope she's happy with what I got her, otherwise she can just suffer. It's not like I'm rich or anything like that.

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