Thursday, February 02, 2012

Virtual theft is a crime, too.

"This is a virtual crime case that involved real violence used to obtain
virtual goods.  The victim was beaten and threatened with a (real)
knife, with the defendants demanding he hand over a virtual mask and a
virtual amulet within the online game Runescape.  So at the very least,
this was a case of criminal assault.  The only issue was whether the
crime amounted to theft, which hinged on whether or not the virtual
items could be classified, under Dutch law, as goods."

We've got a lot of ankle biters customers that play RS on the public machines. There haven't been any incidents of physical violence related to any MMO games in the System, but kids will be kids, and I can see that happening outside the buildings, such as at school or their usual "hangouts".

My thoughts: When virtual items are able to be bought and sold using real cash, the prime example being eBay, then virtual items should be treated the same as tangible goods.

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