Thursday, January 29, 2009

So are we going digital on 2/17 or not?

So Congress, in its infinite wisdom, is going to push back the digital TV transition for another 4 months, to June 12. So the 18 months worth of ads from the FCC, NAB, NARTE, etc.; and the ads and bumpers from the local stations; and all the ads in newspapers and magazines; and the live tests (at least by my local stations) with big graphics on their analog feeds essentially saying "You're Fucked After Feb. 17"; and the "nightlight provision" that allows TV stations to keep their analog signals running at a lower power if they're not in the 700 MHz section that's going to public safety is all for nothing.

When the FedGov offered the $40 coupons for converter boxes, didn't they expect every single house in the US to take them up on their offer? Did manufacturers and retailers not expect to sell them?

It's time to tell your Congresscritters and Duh Prez to let the DTV transition go on as planned with the Feb. 17 deadline. Call the Capitol and the White House and let them know that Public Safety is counting on the Feb. 17 deadline, and that the American people have known for years about it.

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